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Maths Careers

Maths is probably the most ‘valuable’ post-16 qualification.  The transferable skills and knowledge gained through studying a Maths A Level and degree, make holders of these qualifications highly desirable employees.

Careers from Physics

It’s not just rocket science: physics is the route to so many careers, from predicting climate change to designing computer games. Find out where physics can take you.

Your Future with Physics

By studying physics at school or college you’re opening the door to a wide variety of rewarding careers.  As well as learning about how the universe works, you’ll get a broad training in skills that all employers value – an ability grasp concepts quickly, a determination to find coherent answers, not to mention problem-solving, analytical, mathematical and IT skills.

Even if you don’t end up working in a physics-related industry, these skills are still highly regarded. Studying physics is a good way of keeping your options open and earning a good salary. Search for physics degrees on Or if technical routes appeal to you, check out our pages on physics-related apprenticeships.

A Future in Chemistry

Like chemistry but don’t know what jobs you can do if you study it further? Explore our future careers pages.
Confused by the range of chemistry qualifications on offer? Not sure if you want to go to university or get on the job training? Learn more about your study options.

Food Industry Careers

Information on the vast range of careers in the Food & Drink Industry.  Find out about specific careers, read about people already in the industry and help with job hunting.

Food and Nutrition Careers

Nutrition is a science based discipline and the profession expects degree level training.